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Unveiling the Shit Art Club Universe: Where Creativity Defies Conventions

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

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Photography by Devin Marie Sims
Photography by Devin Marie Sims

When asked, "What is Shit Art Club?" the response you'll receive from its creators is, "That is always the hardest question for us to answer." And indeed, encapsulating the essence of Shit Art Club in a few words is a challenge, but it's a challenge worth exploring. So, let's dive into the intriguing universe of Shit Art Club.

Photography by Devin Marie Sims

In the world of art, where the conventional often reigns supreme, Shit Art Club emerged as a rebellion against the established norms. It all began with the realization that emerging artists, those who dared to venture beyond the confines of traditional canvas and pretty pictures, were often overlooked by the commercial art world. In this industry, anything that didn't fit the established canon was deemed, well, "shit."

Rather than succumbing to this exclusivity, Shit Art Club's founders decided to chart their own creative path. They birthed a new universe – the Shit Art Club universe.

This cosmic journey started in a modest house in Mar Vista, California, with an event they aptly named the "Shit Art Show." This exhibition was far from curated; it lacked the traditional trappings of a gallery setting. Yet, in hindsight, it had a profound impact. It allowed artists, friends, and curious strangers to experience art in the raw context of life.

Photography by Devin Marie Sims

While traditional galleries with their pristine white walls and controlled lighting offer an ideal setting for art appreciation, there's a unique beauty in encountering art in unexpected, unfiltered environments. Art, after all, has the power to make political statements, evoke emotions, and pose intellectual challenges. But it's also inherently romantic and anarchist, defying the need for strict functionality, often to the point of nonsensicality.

As the artists within the Shit Art Club continued to evolve and mature creatively, they fearlessly abandoned more stereotypes and rules to make room for boundless creativity. The Shit Art Club heritage is rooted in friendship, collaboration, and the belief that unconventional artistry deserves a place in the spotlight.

These artistic pioneers not only showcased their own work but also expanded their horizons by building art installations. Collaborations with both emerging and established artists further fueled their passion. While they stayed true to supporting local talents, they never shied away from celebrating the unconventional.

Photography by Devin Marie Sims

What makes Shit Art Club even more extraordinary is the journey it inspires. From Orange County, many venture up to Los Angeles to discuss collaboration with Shit Art Club, and this journey is the beating heart of ODDYSS – the journey towards collaboration, creativity, and the unconventional.

When we made the trek from Orange County to LA to discuss our collaboration with Shit Art Club, we were profoundly inspired by the art we encountered. And when we say "art," we're not just talking about canvas paintings; we're talking about the vibrant graffiti that slams the city's street walls. It's this raw and unapologetic form of expression that resonates deeply with both Shit Art Club and ODD/YOUTH. It's a visual symphony of rebellion and creativity, an unfiltered testament to the human spirit's need for expression.

But there's more to Shit Art Club than meets the eye. Their commitment to art goes beyond their own creations. Through the Shafranski Art Foundation, they empower children with art classes and supplies, nurturing the next generation of artistic visionaries. With a mission “to use art as a platform to provide underserved communities with resources, opportunities, and guidance throughout the creative world.”

Photography by Devin Marie Sims

Together, Shit Art Club and ODD/YOUTH are aligned in their quest to break down barriers and redefine the boundaries of art. Both entities embrace the unconventional, inviting all to participate in their ever-evolving universe where the only rule is to break the rules.

Meet the artists behind LA's Shit Art Club at the ODD/YOUTH Music & Art Show on Sunday, September 24, 2023. It's your chance to be a part of the creative revolution. Witness live art painting on a colossal canvas, and if you feel inspired, join in to paint your very own "shitty" masterpiece.

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