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ODD/Y/S/S derived from the word odyssey, is an Orange County, California based art, music and apparel brand inspired by the landscape and resources, elevating creativity and uniqueness by providing community, artistic expression and clothing for people active in the outdoors and action sports; such as surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and much more.


We decided to tell our brand story in developing the logo inspired by individuals that like to be unique and creative while enjoying the outdoors. ODD is separated by the slants that symbolize the ship in the book titled "The Odyssey" written by Homer in 1614. In Odysseus's quest, fighting a cyclops named Polyphemus, in which, ODD/Y/S/S uses the "All Seeing Eye" to correlate adventure and the cyclops in a brand logo. It represents the epic adventure we take daily while making light of the various obstacles we endure that make us who we are. 



Find ODDYSS clothing and apparel at the following retailers:


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