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Official ODD/Y/S/S Relaunch & ODD/YOUTH Music & Art Show at OC Local Taproom Event Recap

Updated: Feb 20


Welcome, fellow legends of creativity! It's time to dive into the sea of artistic expression as we take you on a wild journey to explore the relaunch of ODD/Y/S/S. This brand is all about embracing positive vibes through art, and we recently celebrated its resurgence alongside the first-ever ODD/YOUTH Music & Art Show on September 24, 2023 at the OC Local Taproom. Let's dive into the highlights of this event and give props to the talented winner of our T-Shirt Art Contest.

ODD/YOUTH TShirt Art Contest Winner: Chili Sloop @chilisloop - PURCHASE TEE HERE

Let's give a standing ovation to the winner of our TShirt Art Contest, Chili Sloop. Your artwork brought the heat, and we've got nothing but respect for your insane talent. If you're as stoked about @chilisloop's artwork as we are, you can support this amazing artist by purchasing the winning tee here. By rocking this tee, you'll not only look rad but also support a thriving artist in the making. Read the full blog post HERE.

The relaunch of ODD/Y/S/S apparel and the debut of ODD/YOUTH Music & Art Show were nothing short of stellar good times, community, and embracing the essence of being ODD. We want to send massive love to everyone who rolled in and rocked out with us during this unforgettable event. Support ODD/Y/S/S by purchasing MERCH so we can keep bringing awesome vibes to the community.


Our journey at OC Local Taproom was filled with art, music, and a rad community of rebels who believe in the power of artistic expression. From a sick live art painting by Shit Art Club to music by Jackie Pember, Keilani Mai, Pretty Pape$ and Spliffriff, the ODD/YOUTH Music & Art Show was a testament to the positivity of when art and music collide to support community and ODD/YOUTH.

Special Thanks:

OC Local Taproom (@oclocaltaproom)

Jackie Pember (@j_pember)

Keilani Mai (@keilanimai)

Pretty Pape$ (@prettypapes)

Spliffriff (@Spliffriff_)

Shit Art Club (@shitartclub)

The Fort (@thefort_ca)

OC Ramps (@oc_ramps)

Efren Beltran (@efrenbeltran)

Hans J Paul (@hansjpaul)

Devin Marie Sims (@devinmariesims)

Stay tuned, because this is just the beginning! We're cooking up more artistic adventures that will keep your creative spirits soaring. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for updates and future events by following our hashtags: #ODDYSS, #ODDYOUTH, #ODDYOUTHMusicxArtShow on social media.

Stay rebellious, stay artistic, and stay ODD! Sign up for email updates HERE.

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